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Infinity windows and doors are made from Ultrex fiberglass – a pultruded fiberglass material so strong and durable it is superior to other window materials.

Marvin Infinity fiberglass products are leaders in strength, finish, energy efficiency, and durability. You can expect worry-free solutions for fresh air, light, and a strong seal that keeps weather and other unwanted materials or guests out.

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Infinity Windows and Doors provides a range of products that have been leading the industry for more than 20 years. With top quality craftsmanship and materials, the products Infinity supplies are created with the utmost attention to detail that adds unbeatable durability. Paired with strength and a solid finish, Infinity Windows and Doors are a superior choice for your home.

Window Comparison

The window frame is the most important part of the window. If it fails, you will have to replace the entire window. The material you choose to have your windows built with will affect their energy efficiency, ease of operation, security of your home and of course the appearance. Our advice? Study the facts and choose wisely.
Let’s compare these materials:

Ultrex Operation
BENEFIT: ULTREX Takes the stress so you don’t have to.

Ultrex Benefits
BENEFIT: ULTREX maintains ease of operation energy efficiency, performance throughout our climate changes.

Ultrex Benefits
BENEFIT: ULTREX stands up to wind, rain, hail and even baseballs.

Ultrex Benefits
BENEFIT: ULTREX offers superior strength for narrower frames and larger daylight openings to see through.


Ultrex Benefits
BENEFIT: A stable material having a minimal expansion and contraction rate the, same as glass, INFINITY windows and doors built with ULTREX are more resistant to leaks and seal failures.

Ultrex Benefits
BENEFIT: ULTREX a stable material in an ever changing environment.
FIBREX a vinyl/wood composite expands and contracts 4x more than ULTREX.
VINYL expands and contracts over 7x more than ULTREX.

VINYL and FIBREX a vinyl/wood composite suffer from high expansion and contraction characteristics inherent with vinyl materials. Constant expansion and contraction can gradually break down windows and doors, causing poor operation, leaky seals and a loss of structural integrity.

Maintenance and Appearance
Ultrex Benefits

Ultrex Benefits

Ultrex Acrylic Cap:
A patented co-extruded acrylic cap is mechanically bonded directly to the pultruded fiberglass substrate. The result is a superior aesthetic that us unbelievably durable and will never need painting.

Ultrex Benefits

It’s easy to see the difference between the Ultrex patented, mechanically bonded finish, and the patented finish of fiberglass competitors.
Benefit: INFINITY built with ULTREX is the longest lasting, best looking, and lowest maintenance window in the industry.

Ultrex Interior Stainability

Everwood Engineered Finish
Mahogany stains on EverWood

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